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SAP GRC Global Trade Services

SAP GTS screenSAP's GTS system, part of their Governance, Risk and Compliance solution set, takes SAP's Foreign Trade capabilities to a new level.  Building on the functionality already available in ERP, GTS provides a separate and much more complete solution for international trade.  Functionality has grown with each version, and currently includes:

  • Compliance Managment - handling Import & Export License management, embargo compliance and Sanctioned Party List screening.
  • Customs Managment - managing declarations to the authorities for Imports, Exports, EU Transit and Excise shipments.
  • Electronic Compliance Reporting - centralised statistical reporting, including Intrastat declarations for goods movements across the EU.
  • Risk Managment - supporting Preference Agreements, managing Letters of Credit, and handling CAP Restitution in the EU.

Honeycourt's involvement

Since early 2007, Honeycourt has been working actively with the SAP GTS development team in Germany to enhance the Customs Management module.  As a result, UK imports, exports and transit shipments are now supported in the system.

The latest version, 11.0, ships with the following UK functionality available "out of the box":

  • NES Export declarations - full Pre-Lodgement or Customs Simplified Export (CSE) Procedure
  • CFSP Import declarations - SDI, SDW and FSD messages under SDP or EIDR
  • Customs Warehousing, including full Inventory Management integration with SAP ERP
  • Processing under OP and IP regimes with full stock-keepng and audit trail
  • NCTS Transit declarations - initiation and closure
  • EMCS (Excise Movement) reports - despatch and arrival


Honeycourt is heavily involved in the introduction of the new "Customs Declaration System" (CDS) that will start to replace the UK CHIEF system during 2019.

Honeycourt attends all technical meetings relating to CDS, and has been helping HMRC to recognise and overcome limitations and challenges in the software as it evolves through the development and testing phases.  At the same time, we are helping SAP to shape and test their corresponding development for CDS in the GTS system.

These activities make Honeycourt uniquely placed to advise and assist Traders with their migration to CDS as the systems become available.

Implementing GTS

The GTS solution is ideal for companies already running SAP S/4 HANA, ECC or R/3, particularly those with operations in more than one country.  It is a truly global system, offering multi-country, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-timezone facilities, and built-in comprehensive real-time interfacing to one or more SAP ERP systems.  Honeycourt has the skills and experience to configure and develop a complete solution to meet your international trade requirements.  Contact us for further information.

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